Whether you’re using a third party tool to schedule all your social media posts or just recycle your evergreen content, is there a negative impact on your reach and engagement? Is it safe to use these tools, or should you be manually posting to social media sites? The popular third-party tool Buffer has done an experiment to determine what, if any, effect using their tool has on the effectiveness of your social media marketing posts.

It can be a little scary, deciding to let a third-party service have access to and handle posting for your social media accounts. If you find one that you can trust and is easy to use, however, you’ll find a powerful tool to help you gain control of and boost your social media marketing campaigns. For many businesses, social media is their main marketing channel and the way they build trust and reputation. Effective third-party social media posting tools will do more than just post, but give you insights about traffic, clicks, and even hashtags. With all these services have to offer, is there a compelling reason not to use them?

Do Third-Party SMM Tools Hurt Your Social Media Marketing Performance?

The answer to appears to be no. Though we should take the findings of a study about the performance of these tools by one of the leaders in the industry with a grain of salt, Buffer has done the research regarding this type of third-party posting and have found no negative consequences.

Their investigation tested 200 posts across 35 profiles to see how third-party apps like Buffer affect results versus unassisted posting. The results are promising, but the statistical sample is fairly low. Both Facebook and LinkedIn were only tested with 9 posts, though these posts had tens-of-thousands of impressions and the results were similar for third-party vs manual posting. In fact, the only real anomaly here was that posts on LinkedIn did significantly better through the third-party app. A positive sign, or the effects of a small sample size?

Third-party SMM tools help share your content

Third-party SMM tools help share your content

Should You Use Third-Party SMM Tools

When it comes to the digital marketing community, the verdict on these tools is out, and it’s a positive one. Buffer itself celebrates over 4,000,000 marketers using their service. The number of competing services continues to increase, which is spurring development of new features to further help us digital marketers.

These tools enable legitimate organizations to cater their content better to their fans, and react to changes in their readership. Most quality content has a lifetime much longer than a single tweet or post, and should be recycled to get the most out of it. While a pool of automated posts getting constantly recycled is not the only step needed to create a vibrant community visibility, they certainly help give the professional marketer more time to focus on new tasks while maximizing the effect of previous efforts.

Social media sites are continuously updating their algorithms to protect users from spam, threats, or other unwanted content. The legitimate content creators and sharers have embraced third-party tools, and there’s no reason why any social media site should unfairly reduce the visibility of these posts. They can exist firmly alongside posts from other sources, firmly within existing anti-spam algorithms. Oh, and if you’re wondering if other people can see those little facebook notes saying “posted by…”, they can’t, so automate away!

Does Husaria Marketing Automate Social Media Posting?

So that’s all well and good, but what about us? Yes! We use multiple tools for social media marketing automation, depending on client and need. Our social media marketing package includes automated posting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google MyBusiness, as well as custom copy and hashtag optimization.

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