Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Businesses of every size can use social media platforms to connect with their audiences to build brand awareness, boost traffic and increase sales. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the branch of digital marketing that uses both paid and non-paid methods on social networking sites to promote a product, brand or service. 

Facebook is the reigning social media network, with over 2.45 billion active users at the end of 2019. The work doesn’t stop there, however. Other major social media networks that businesses should be aware of are Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus, you will find countless other networks for niche topics or industries filled with marketing possibilities. Each social media platform has its own strengths, weaknesses and strategies to succeed with.

Paid Facebook Marketing

The quickest and most effective way to reach your audience on Facebook is through paid ads, and in many cases, it’s the only way. Up to 40% of Facebook users do not follow any brand page, meaning the only way to reach them is through paid advertising.  Facebook has become a major advertising player, and their platform features many powerful analytics tools and integrations. You can you use Facebook’s expansive audience features to target fans of particular products or brands, people working in specific industries or jobs, or a nearly endless combination of demographics. On top of that, you can also use your Google Analytics created audience lists for co-ordinated remarketing campaigns alongside your paid search and SEO/organic campaigns.


Organic Facebook Marketing

Creating and maintaining a modern Facebook business page is just the first step in building online visibility. There are 3.5 billion active social media users who spend an average 142 minutes each day using these platforms. Your business page on Facebook allows you to share news and content, build relationships with fans, and even communicate directly with your audience. Facebook Groups exist for nearly every shared interest, allowing you to quickly identify niche audiences.

Paid Instagram Marketing

Available directly through the Facebook advertising platform, Instagram offers another channel to advertise on. The visual focus of Instagram creates a unique marketing environment, allowing you to use sponsored display and video ads to drive awareness and build your customer base. Instagram Ads used in conjunction with Facebook Ads play a major piece of the digital marketing puzzle, and are a cost-effective and highly efficient way of reaching your audience.

Organic Instagram Marketing

Your business profile on Instagram is a two-way street for communicating with your customers and engaging with prospective ones. Maintaining an active presence on Instagram with regular, engaging posts and audience management is an excellent way of building brand trust.


Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing

The other major social networking sites that most businesses will consider advertising on are Twitter and LinkedIn. Like Facebook and Instagram, each network offers its own distinct challenges and opportunities, while also further boosting the ability to build brand trust and visibility.

Niche SMM Marketing

Whatever the topic or industry, there’s a social media platform out there that its thriving on. From Tumblr and Pinterest to Reddit and Spiceworks, make sure you’re active with and engaging your clients where they are.



Full-Service Social Media Marketing

Husaria Marketing is a premier social media marketing agency with over a decade of experience in paid and organic SMM campaigns for businesses of all sizes and industries. We offer the reliability and communication of an in-house marketing team, with the convenience, peace of mind and professional reporting of a dedicated marketing agency.

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