What is Business Process Management

Business process management is the part of operations management that deals with the end-to-end improvement of business processes from modeling and analysis to optimization and automation. The underlying goal of BPM is to improve a company’s performance by managing processes. BPM is not typically a one-time project, but an ongoing process and state of mind. While BPM itself is not a technology, new business process management tools are on the market using cutting-edge techniques to help organizations with their digital transformation.

BPM should be considered a business practice, using techniques and structured methods to achieve goals. Successfully implemented BPM results in a focus on outcomes and not tasks, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of processes, error and risk reduction due to standardization, and continuously updated and improved processes.

The Digital Transformation?

The rapidly advancing pace of technology is providing businesses with powerful new abilities to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Like other buzzwords, the digital transformation is a hip, polished term for a rather mundane fact: businesses must evolve in the face of a changing technological environment to stay relevant. The ongoing digital transformation (or DX) is nothing more than the improvement of processes and strategies by using modern technology. The goal of a paperless office is a common task that companies often try to digitize on their path to full transformation.

What Are Business Processes

A business process is a task or activity that is undertaken to accomplish a specific goal. Business processes can be as simple as a simple vacation request workflow, or a complex and interconnected web of workflows and apps that are business critical.

WEBCON business process management


WEBCON BPS is a modern business process management platform built on the Microsoft SharePoint collaborative platform and shares the same familiar and intuitive interface. It is used by over 200 international companies, features an industry-leading Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) of 89, and was voted Best SharePoint Solution by the European SharePoint community.

WEBCON BPS creates a single, convenient digital workplace that assists employees with their day-to-day tasks.
With the efficient look and feel of SharePoint, handy Outlook and Word integrations and support for mobile devices, users enjoy a unified platform whose goal is to make their lives easier. – WEBCON

WEBCON BPS is designed to be your organization’s business application platform, and users claim to be able to build 9 out of 10 business applications they need within it. Low-code/No-code technology is used to enable users to build enterprise-grade applications with little or no coding knowledge. This, alongside change management that allow you to make adjustments on the fly, puts WEBCON BPS at the forefront of rapid application development platforms

Rapid Application Development

webcon bps GUI for rapid application development

The WEBCON BPS workflow application builder

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a term often used in the modern business process management field. RAD is an adaptive software development approach, where less effort is put on initial planning and more on development as a process in flux. GUI builders like the Gutenberg builder in WordPress 5.0 are considered RAD platforms. These WYSIWYG editors let you arrange graphical elements through a drag-and-drop mechanism. WEBCON BPS uses a similar approach with pre-built blocks of code to facilitate rapid development. An intuitive GUI alongside instant change management and code-free environment place WEBCON BPS at the pinnacle of the rapid application development field.

RAD is a response to traditional waterfall processes that are driven by plans and move forward in stages. This kind of rigid application development methodology is not suited to the modern business environment, where successful companies (and therefore the way they do business) must be agile and adapt quickly. The benefits of the RAD approach over the traditional waterfall method include better quality results, improved risk control, and increased delivery speed and efficiency.

Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation?

As the IT department’s involvement in the management of critical business processes, they become an ever more important and equal partner in business. Whether you simply want to eliminate paper from your office, automate simple processes like vacation requests, or launch a comprehensive digitalization of your entire business model, the WEBCON BPS platform gives you a powerful tool. Built on the Microsoft SharePoint collaborative platform that integrates with Office365 and Azure, there is a wealth of guides and best practices as well as a vibrant community, WEBCON BPS is a solution for the now as well as the future.

The free WEBCON BPS Starter is a great way to get started and see if it’s right for you. It includes 6 useful out-of-the-box applications pre-built: asset management, it system registry, AD account provisioning, MS Exchange management, change request processing, and helpdesk/ticketing.

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