In this overcrowded entrepreneurial ecosystem, with 28.8 million small businesses just in the United States, customer satisfaction is the one that determines success. In order to market to your target audience efficiently, you need to move your business online and build a strong digital marketing strategy. Here, your website is both your first and your last line of defense. However, the key to generating sales and capturing leads lies in having a well-optimized landing page. Only this way will you be able to provide your target audience with a unique buying experience and give your pay-per-click performance a boost. Here are some effective strategies you might want to put into use.

1. Optimize your Landing Page for Mobile

The buttons and links impossible to click on, the text that exceeds your screen limits and images that take too long to load- these are all examples of poor mobile optimization that might greatly affect your conversion rates. To understand how important this actually is, let’s imagine a smartphone user who lands on such a page. If they cannot fill out an online form or need to constantly resize the content they want to read, it’s highly unlikely that they would spend more than a few seconds on this page, let alone making a purchase.
In this era of hyperconnectivity, where over 75% of American adults own a smartphone device, optimizing a landing page in this sense has become an indispensable aspect of any digital marketing campaign. By addressing people’s requirements in real time, you will encourage better customer satisfaction and, of course, generate more sales.

2. Go for a Killer Call to Action

One of the major mistakes the marketers make is not giving a call to action more than a couple of minutes of consideration. As it is a pivotal part of your landing page, it needs to be taken seriously. First, if you still use a generic CTA, such as “Submit” or “Subscribe here,” it’s time for you to make some changes. There are numerous more compelling ideas out there that would represent your value proposition more effectively, such as “coach my clients,” “grow my traffic” or “book your seats.” Additionally, you need to make sure that there is only one CTA on your landing page, since having too many of them would be confusing to the users.

3. Offer Real-Time Social Proof

By grouping up in large communities, we have become dependent on the opinions of people around us. This statement is supported by a recent study, showing that over 70% of Americans look at product reviews before making a purchase. This is what we call social proof and, in the world of marketing, it is a key to attracting new buyers. As a complex phenomenon, social proof can be divided into various types, such as testimonials, case studies, social media following, PR mentions, customer logos and ratings. Alternatively, you should also consider providing real-time social proof, where you would provide your prospects with the running update of orders. Seeing that people just like them are buying from your website, they might want the same.

4. Design a Page with your Prospects in Mind

Did you know that our mind processes images almost 60.000 times quicker than text? In addition to this statement, a Kissmetrics study points out that 92.6% of people tested consider the visual dimension vital to their purchasing decisions. When it comes to creating a unique landing page design, you should combine visual effects with quality content in order to deliver an authentic customer experience. Apart from the selecting the proper colors and integrating them into all segments of your landing page, you should also pay attention to the following.

5. Choose a relatable main image

A hero image is the first thing your visitors see on your landing page. Therefore, no matter if you go with customized or free stock images, you need to choose the one your consumers can relate to. Also, the photo needs to be cleaned out, optimized to load faster, as well as be able to direct your visitors towards certain segments of the page.

6. Implement a video marketing strategy

According to Cisco’s 2014 Visual Networking Index, video marketing is expected to account for 80% of all internet traffic by the end of 2019. As a highly interactive solution, video landing pages make complex content more understandable and serve as a powerful way to illustrate the value of your brand.


When optimizing your landing page, you need to completely devote yourself to every segment of this process. Only this way will you be able to determine where your page fails to make conversions and resolve these issues in no time. Regardless of how time-consuming this might be, it will certainly pay off. Remember, today, with the development of numerous platforms and tools, everyone can build a generic landing page. The true art, however, lies in producing a personalized customer experience.

The author of this post is Nate Vickery, a business consultant and an online author mostly focused on covering marketing and MarTech related trends and practices for startups and SMBs. He is the executive editor at Bizzmark Blog.

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