The Husaria Marketing Knowledge Base is your source for up-to-date and professional insight into everything digital marketing related! Today, Hristina Nikolovska of SEO Tribunal discusses the growing importance of voice search and shares a very useful infographic to help us understand the current state of the market.

One of the main aims of a business is to make profits. To do this, people need to know about your business – what it offers and where to find it. Also, they need to trust your brand. What voice search does is to provide all this in totality. You might wonder now how can voice search help you achieve this. As voice search usage continues to grow, local searches also seem to be increasing. Many people are using it to find information about local businesses. In fact, 39% of voice searches are about business information, such as store location.

facts and stats about siri, alexa and google voice search

Explore the power of voice search and how it can help your business

By optimizing for local search, you will not only ensure that people can find your company to shop, but also enable them to leave reviews that can hype or improve your company’s reputation. Moreover, it’s easier to earn a high SERPs with voice search as compared to text search. Since 52% of voice speaker owners are open to getting information from brands about sales, deals, and promotions, you can tailor your market strategy towards this group and get many dividends. These sales are expected to rise, as by 2022, it’s projected that voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion.

More so, since voice search allows people to multitask as they can drive, shower, exercise, and cook while searching, many people are bound to use it. Also, since 24% of people use it because they have difficulty in typing on certain devices, it has the ability to encompass all kinds of people – the blind and disabled.

Voice search offers faster results in terms of searching as one can speak around 150 words per minute. Also, the response is much quicker with voice search, as SEO Tribunal’s infographic showing that it takes only about 4.6 seconds for Google to provide results of approximately 2,312 words.

Although it’s mainly food, entertainment and brick and mortar companies that are currently benefiting the most from voice search, with 12% of people using it to search for menus and 42% using it to find information about events and activities in an area, the usage is bound to become widespread. By 2020, it’s estimated that 50% of searches will be through voice.

If that isn’t enough to convince you of the importance, just take a look at these voice search statistics:

  • 325 million people are searching through the internet using voice search
  • 20% of Google searches are done through voice search with 95% accuracy of answers
  • 4 million Amazon Echo devices are sold during one holiday season
  • By 2020 50% of searches will be voice searches.

Are you using voice search as part of your digital marketing strategy? Are you planning to? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Hristina Nikolovska of SEO TribunalAbout the Author: As the Marketing Manager at SEO Tribunal, part of Tina’s daily engagements involve raising awareness of the importance of digital marketing when it comes to the success of small businesses. As her first step towards this journey was in the field of content marketing, she’s still using every opportunity she gets to put her thoughts into educational articles.

To find out more about voice search and why your business needs to incorporate it in its marketing strategy, check out the full voice search infographic from SEO Tribunal.

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