It was never part of my plan to start a digital marketing agency. Instead, like it often is, it happened naturally and a little by chance. As a child, I developed a love of reading and eagerly read anything I could get my hands on. I decided to take advanced, elective courses at Maryknoll High School in Honolulu that focused on writing, journalism and literature. This love of reading then led me to enter the University of Hawaii at Manoa on a Journalism tract. I was quickly turned off by the rigid structure of the program, and the often arbitrary requirements and bias for content and conclusions demanded by professors. I moved on to Management, in which I graduated in 2006 from the Schidler School of Business at UH Manoa. This did not, however, dampen my love of reading and appreciation for the written word.

Adapting to a changing world

Adapting to a changing world

My keen interest in journalism also never failed me, and to this day I readily consume content from all around the world. I have a particular fondness for The Economist, which combines my love for business and analytics with authoritative and insightful content. A conversation with my Polish cousin introduced me to the Master’s level European Studies program at the prestigious Jagiellonian University offered in English. This fit perfectly for me, as a first-generation Pole interested in getting more in touch with my roots, and expanding my knowledge of history, politics and governance. After finishing the program with a focus on Central and Eastern European Studies, I found a potential career in the software sector. What started as position as content writer, quickly morphed into a sales and marketing position where I turned a stagnant firm with a floundering presence in the English-speaking world into a rising dark horse in a highly competitive network monitoring industry.

There’s no shortage of content on the internet, in all degrees of quality and authoritativeness. I quickly learned, however, that my literary skills afforded me a significant advantage. Where many would try and fail, I would consistently find success and justification for my continued individual efforts. Balancing the requirements of managing sales for the English speaking world, I also independently engaged in efforts online to boost the visibility of my brand and product, and encourage visits to resounding success. Sales and marketing are afterall intrinsically intertwined, and success in one is difficult to be had without success in the other.

With this growing success, however, management began making ill-advised and often counter-productive investments. The same mistakes that previously led to their stagnation were being tried again, with renewed vigor. With my options for further advancement limited, and increasing interference with my endeavors from inexperienced superiors wanting to make names for themselves, I made the decision to strike out on my own.

Creating a business can be a frightening prospect, especially in a foreign country. With more than a decade of experience in management, including in food service, commercial construction, and most recently in software development I did however have the background to put a solid foundation in place. An educational background with a foundation in business and the region where I intended to operate helped further put this project on solid ground. I intend to share my experience and wealth of knowledge in creating engaging content alongside my business acumen with those clients that Husaria Marketing takes on board. If you are passionate about what you are doing and looking for help in bringing your vision to a wider audience, our equally passionate team of professionals can make your dreams become a reality. When it comes to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, content is king. But experience, drive and flexibility are not bad attributes to have as well. Drop us a line if you are serious about your business and desire a professional digital marketing agency that offers proven success and the personalized service that only exclusivity can offer.

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